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Universal Basic Income in New Zealand Would Require Tax Overhaul

March 29, 2016 Taxation in New Zealand

WELLINGTON – New research indicates that the proposal to implement a Universal basic Income in New Zealand is not practical, unless the government slashes its spending or overhauls the current tax system.

In a statement released on March 29th the New Zealand activist group the Taxpayers’ Union claimed that it is not possible to implement a Universal basic Income in New Zealand unless the country also enacts a flat rate tax on personal incomes.

The idea of implementing a Universal Basic Income (UBI) is currently under discussion in New Zealand, after the opposition Labour Party floated the concept earlier this month.

The Taxpayers’ Union claims that in order for a UBI to not lead to income decreases for welfare and superannuation recipients, the rate would need to be set at NZD 15 th...

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UK May Drop Benefits for Young People

August 12, 2015 Taxation in UK

LONDON – The efforts of the UK governmetn to clamp down on welfare for migrants may lead to restrictions on tax breaks for young people in the UK.

According to new information made public in a leaked document earlier this week, the government of the UK may consider dropping the eligibility of all taxpayers under the age of 22 from receiving social welfare.

Currently the government is looking to remove the eligibility of recent migrants to receive housing benefits and tax credits during the first four years of living in the country.

However, the proposal may fall afoul of EU rules against discrimination of foreign workers, and could only be implemented if UK taxpayers received the same treatment.

It is estimated that if the social benefits are dropped from those 22 and younger, then appro...

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