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Thailand Hikes Sin Taxes

August 21, 2012 Taxation in Thailand

Alcohol and cigarettesBANGKOK – The prices of spirits and cigarettes have gone up in Thailand, as the government implemented an increase to excise duties on “sinful” products.

On August 21st the Cabinet approved a proposal from the Finance Ministry of Thailand to hike the excises taxes for tobacco products and alcohol, with the increases set to take effect on the same day.

The new hike will see the excise duties on clear spirits rise from TBH 120 per to TBH 150 per liter of pure alcohol.

The excise tax on blended spirits will rise from TBH 300 to TBH 350 per liter of pure alcohol.

The excise tax on whisky and brandy was raised from 48 percent of the retail value to 50 percent of retail value.

Excise taxes on cigarettes were increased from 85 percent of the retail value of the product to 87 percent of the valu...

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Taxes Could Kill Philippines Cigar Industry

July 16, 2012 Taxation in Philippines

Cortez Cigarillos Macros April 09, 20112MANILLA – The government of the Philippines is being warned that the newly proposed overhaul to “sin taxes” could result in the closure of some of the country’s cigar manufacturers.

Over the weekend one of the most prominent cigar manufacturers in the Philippines Tabaqueria de Filipinas sent a letter to the president of the Philippines Bengino Aquino urging the government to drop the proposed overhaul of “sin taxes” on tobacco products sold in the country.

According to Tabaqueria de Filipinas, the new tax could lead to a 12 000% increase to the price of cigars manufactured and sold in the Philippines.

The general manager of Tabaqueria de Filipinas Tirso Ripoll explained that the newly proposed overhaul will impose a blanket tax of PHP 150 on every cigar sold in the country, while...

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“Sin Tax” Collections Down in Philippines

May 6, 2012 Taxation in Philippines

Sin Taxes on Cigarettes and Alcohol in PhilippinesMANILA – Collections of the so-called “sin taxes” levied on “sinful” products, such as cigarettes and alcohol, dropped in 2011, leading to calls for a reform of the excise tax system.

Over the weekend the Department of Finance of the Philippines released new data showing that in 2011 collections of excise taxes on tobacco and alcohol products only reached PHP 25.4 billion, nearly 20 percent less than the collections seen in 2010.

Commenting on the decline in the revenues, the Finance undersecretary Jeremias Paul said that, “…this fall in revenues proves that our current excise tax scheme for tobacco is structurally flawed, and is in need of immediate changes.”

He also explained that current legislations mandate that the excise taxes charged on tobacco products and alcohol are increased ...

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Germany Lowers Eco-tax, Raises Tobacco Tax

October 26, 2010 Taxation in Germany

TabacolateThe German Government has bowed to industry pressure and decided to ease the tax burden faced by energy intensive and high-emissions companies, instead opting to hike taxes on tobacco products.

On October 24th Germany’s government coalition agreed to revise its planned taxation measures on fuels and energy, easing the tax burdens faced by the energy industry. To offset the budgetary shortfalls, the move will be paired with an tax rate increase on cigarettes and tobacco products. Michael Fuchs, aleader in the Germany’s ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU), claimed that the move was necessary to retain employment levels in the country’s energy industry and maintain energy prices for consumers, ultimately leading to benefits in the national economy...

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Tobacco Taxes Rising Worldwide

March 15, 2010 Taxation in New ZealandTaxation in UKTaxation in USATaxation in Vietnam

cigaretteAccording to numerous political and anti-tobacco activists worldwide, taxes on cigarettes and tobacco products should be increased to raise Government revenues and deter smoking.

Several anti-smoking organizations across the world have released new reports claiming that a fresh round of tax increases needs to be seen on tobacco products, and Government officials across New Zealand, several US states, Vietnam and the UK are looking set to oblige. Although, the governments and anti-smoking groups are fighting for differing causes, with Governments citing budgetary shortfalls and the need for increased revenues as the reason for tax rises.

The Kansas Senate Taxation committee announced on March 10th that it had heard arguments in favor of increasing tobacco taxation by an equivalent of USD 0...

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