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Main Finance Centers are in Europe, Asia and N.America

March 30, 2012 International Tax Cooperation

International Finance CenterThe most significant financial centers around the world are in Europe, Asia and North America, with London, New York and Hong Kong being ranked as the most important centers around the globe today.

The London based think tank the Z/Yen Group has published the latest edition of its biannual Global Financial Centers Index, which compiles the results of international studies and ongoing public surveys to gauge and rank the international significance of financial centers around the world.

According to the Z/Yen Group, financial centers around Europe and North America are currently the most competitive with the rankings of centers in both regions improving over the last year.

The authors of the report noted a drop in the rankings of financial centers in Asia, pointing to significant declines in...

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US States Ranked by Bussiness Taxes

March 28, 2012 Taxation in USA

WASHINGTON, D.C. – New research has ranked each state in America based on the total tax liabilities faced by businesses in the regions, showing which areas of the country are most beneficial for different types of commercial operations.

The US based research organization the Tax Foundation has published a comprehensive new index of corporate tax liabilities in different states around USA, assessing each region by calculating the cumulative tax liabilities arising from corporate income tax, property tax, sales tax, capital stock tax, gross receipts tax, unemployment insurance tax, and any other state taxes applied on businesses.

The Tax Foundation also examined the effect of companies’ ages on their tax liabilities, factoring in any tax breaks that are available exclusively to newly establ...

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UK Needs Tax Rise for Financial Safety

April 30, 2010 Taxation in UK

Dirty MoneyA new report from a prominent UK think-tank has recommended increases to personal taxation, and full implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT), along with significant public spending cuts. The proposed changes are claimed to be necessary in order to decrease the Government deficit sooner.

On April 30th UK’s National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) released the quarterly Prospects for the UK Economy report, which valuates the current state of the UK economy. According to the report, the UK economy is in worse shape than commonly portrayed by politicians, and drastic changes will need to be made to rectify the situation...

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New Zealand Tax Reform Report Released

January 21, 2010 Taxation in New Zealand

Government Building @ WellingtonThe New Zealand Government initiated research group, the Tax Working Group, has released its final report cataloging numerous tax changes it considers essential for the country.

On January 20th The Tax Working Group published its widely anticipate final report, which recommends thirteen primary changes to the New Zealand tax landscape, along with identifying concerns regarding the current tax situation.

The Tax Working Group report claimed that there is a lack of coherence, integrity and fairness within the country’s tax system, saying that a too large tax obligation was placed on wage-earners, with business entities and the wealthy being able to restructure their affairs to minimize their tax burden...

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Global Business Confidence is Improving

December 15, 2009 Taxation in ChinaTaxation in IndiaTaxation in UKTaxation in USA

Freefall Friday: $84b - worst day in 21 yearsThe world is still suffering from an economic slump, but confidence and business outlook across the globe is beginning to see a marked improvement.

According to research by international law firm Eversheds, published on December 14th, there is a resurgence in business confidence and future outlook across key global economic centres, and the Eastern markets are showing the most significant improvements. The report engaged 600 senior executives to show the effect of the economic downturn and its results on their confidence in London, New York, Shanghai, Mumbai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The study reports that executives in Shanghai, UAE and Mumbai have highest levels of confidence for the next 12 months, though all respondents believe that New York will continue to be the most signi...

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