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New Zealanders Want More Taxes

May 10, 2018 Taxation in New Zealand

Taxes in New ZealandWELLINGTON – New Zealanders want more public service, and they are not afraid to tax more people to get them.

On May 10th the largest union in New Zealand, the Council of Trade Unions (CTU), issued a press release regarding the results of their recently commissioned poll and their subsequent submission to the government appointed Tax Working Group.

The Tax Working Group was formed by the new Labour-led government to determine what new tax measures New Zealand should implement into the future.

The recommendations of the Group will form the basis of the Labour Party’s campaign platform into the next election.

According to the CTU, New Zealanders are supportive of new taxes being levied in order to fund more public services in the country.

The survey indicated that approximately 65 percent...

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Turkey Hikes Taxes

September 29, 2017 Taxation in Turkey

Tax hike in TurkeyISTANBUL – The government of Turkey is instituting a range of tax hikes, raising the rate on personal incomes, corporate incomes, car prices, and lotto winnings.

On September 27th, the Naci A?bal of the Ministry of Finance of Turkey announced that the government will seek to introduce a number of new tax hikes in order to boost the national military budget.

If the new changes are approved, the income tax rate faced by businesses in the finance sector will rise from the current rate of 20 percent to a new rate of 22 percent.

Personal income tax will also rise, with the rate on the third income tax bracket rising from 27 percent to 30 percent.

The taxes on motor vehicles will also rise significantly, increasing by 40 percent.

Further, the taxes on cars will see an extra levy charged next ...

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“Brexit” Will Raise taxes by GBP400

May 25, 2016 Taxation in UK

HM Revenue and CustomsLONDON – If the UK leaves the EU, taxes in the country will need to be raised, resulting in a post-tax wage drop of 2 percent.

The results of a new study published in May 23rd by the UK-based National Institute of Economic and Social Research show that taxes in the UK would need to be raised if the country choses to leave the EU.

If the UK were to leave the EU, the level of migrants coming to the UK from other EU countries would drop significantly.

The models used in the study indicated that the drop in migration would result in an increase in the portion of the population which are either too old or too young to work, placing a much greater reliance on collecting taxes from the diminished working population.

Leaving the EU would also result in a 9 percent drop in GDP, and a 1 percent dr...

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Oman to Raise Taxes

December 31, 2015 Taxation in Oman

MUSCAT – The government of Oman is looking to raise more non-oil revenues in order to reduce its reliance on variable oil revenues.

The government of Oman has given approval in principal to the proposal of raising corporate income tax and lowering spending in order to mitigate the negative financial impact of the international drop in oil prices.

In order to lessen the reliance on oil-based revenues, which are subject fluctuation and international demand, the government will raise the rate of corporate income tax in the foreseeable future in order to widen the tax base and establish a wider array of revenue streams.

Further, in order to lessen budgetary pressures, the government will also reduce spending on projects and staff salaries and bonuses.

Further, the subsidies on oil products ...

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Tax Hikes on the Horizon For Finnish Taxpayers

August 17, 2015 Taxation in Finland

HELSINKI – Taxpayers in Finland are likely to see a hike in their everyday expenses, as the government’s proposed budget outlines several tax hikes on essential goods.

Last week the Ministry of Finance of Finland released a proposed budget plan for the coming year, raising the possibility of several tax hikes and cuts to tax credits.

The proposed budget contained hikes to the taxes levied on tobacco, housing, heating, and motor vehicles, with cuts to the tax credits currently available for interest payments on home loans.

Soon after the release of the proposal, the Taxpayers Association of Finland issued an analysis of the changes.

According to the Association, the tobacco tax hike will raise the price of a 20 pack of cigarettes by an average of EUR 0...

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