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Japan Considering Sales Tax Hike

June 21, 2010 Taxation in Japan

Watermark on Japanese 10,000 Yen Note, Macro PhotoThe Japanese Government is considering doubling the national Sales Tax rate, in order to curb the national public debt while retaining current levels of public services.

Late last week Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan declared the need for the Japanese Government to carryout comprehensive reforms to the nation’s tax system and drastic cuts to public spending, and called opposition parliamentary members to join in supporting his proposal. Naoto Kan also revealed that he is willing to consider doubling the current 5 percent national Sales Tax.

The Prime Minister revealed that an exact tax rate will be finalized by March 2011, and for the purposes of initial investigations, the 10 percent rate will be used as a “reference point”...

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State Sales Tax Increased in US

March 12, 2010 Taxation in USA

All Prices Include Sales Tax at Makeda CoffeeThe average US state sales-tax level has risen to an 5.468 percent, the highest since records began in 1982. The number of regions opting to raise their sales taxes has also reached record highs.

The 25th annual 2009 Sales Tax Rate Report, released on March 3rd by the tax software provider Vertex, shows that in an attempt to bolster state coffers and decrease the impact of a weakened economy, the states of California, Delaware, Minnesota, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Utah, Nevada and the District of Columbia increased state sales taxes in 2009. The report shows that no decreases were seen in other states of the US in 2009. The number of states raising their sales tax levels is also the highest on record, with only 4 increases occurring in 2008 and 1 in 2007.

The state sales tax increase ...

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