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First Former Soviet Republic Joins OECD

December 10, 2010 International Tax CooperationTaxation in Estonia

BDF_Summit_2010.06.02 (57)Estonia has become the 34th member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the first Baltic nation and the first former Soviet Republic state accepted into the Organization.

On December 9th Estonia counted another success in its continued efforts for economic integration with the Western world, after it was officially declared a full member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD). The membership application process was completed when the Estonian Ambassador to France Sven Jürgenson presented a signed copy of the Accession Agreement to the French Foreign Ministry for permanent record. By signing and depositing the document, Estonia has pledged its full dedication to supporting and participating in the OECD’s fundamental aims and goals.

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International Fight on Foreign Bribery Lagging

July 30, 2010 International Tax Cooperation

CoinsCountries representing an approximate 70 percent of world trade have been deemed as not having taken enough action to combat the occurrence of international bribery.

Only 7 countries in the world have been evaluated as actively enforcing anti-bribery laws and the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) ban on foreign bribery instated through its Anti-Bribery Convention. The figures were revealed in Transparency International’s 2010 Progress Report on the illicit payments and bribes made to foreign public officials in international business transactions in order to win contracts or favorable treatment...

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OECD Updates Several Tax Guidelines

July 26, 2010 International Tax Cooperation

Forum 2010: Preserving Scarce ResourcesIn an effort to maintain a relevant and up-to-date set of instruments to facilitate international tax agreements and transactions, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has published revised versions of its vital documents.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has updated and modernized the OECD Model Tax Convention, the OECD’s Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprise and Tax Administrations, and the Report on the Attribution of Profits to Permanent Establishments to include several tax features missing from previous versions.

The changes in the 2010 revision of the Transfer Pricing Guidelines are the first update to the document since their original release in 1995...

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Treatment of Offshore Centers Debated in Parliament

July 23, 2010 International Tax CooperationOffshore TaxationTaxation in JerseyTaxation in UK

Point of Ayre LighthouseThe negative effect of international financial centers on the UK economy and tax revenues is dramatically overstated, and overall treatment of international financial centers in the UK has been “remarkably one-sided.”

Allegations of unfairness have been laid against the OECD and the Governments of advanced economies, in regards to their treatment of international financial centers (IFC). While holding a debate in the UK Parliament on the topic of offshore financial centers on July 21st, Mark Field, Conservative MP, said that IFCs were not responsible for the recent global financial breakdown...

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OECD Release Economic Survey of Korea

June 16, 2010 Taxation in South Korea

Korean cashThe Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has released its bi-annual economic survey of Korea, which praises the nation for its strong recent economic performance, and recommends areas with potential for long and mid-term improvement.

On June 15th the OECD released Economic Survey of Korea 2010, the latest economic analysis of the nation. The report commends Korea for having one of the strongest post-2008 recoveries in the OECD, which was attributed to outstanding export performance and the largest fiscal stimulus package among OECD-member states. The publication consists of four sections addressing potential issues faced by the Korean economy.

According to OECD projections, the Korean economy will expand by 5.75 percent in 2010, and 4.75 percent in 2011...

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