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Kuwait Prepares Tax on Unhealthy Goods

July 17, 2017 Taxation in Kuwait

Consumption tax KuwaitKUWAIT – Kuwait will soon and that taxes on unhealthy products in an effort to raise taxes while reducing its reliance on oil revenues.

It has been reported by local news sources in Kuwait that the national Ministry of Finance has prepared a new bill for the implementation of new taxes on the sale of tobacco, soft drinks, and energy drinks.

The new tax falls in line with the taxes agreed upon for such products by the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The new tax will be applied to the sale of tobacco and energy drinks at a rate of 100 percent, while the rate applied to soft drinks will be set at 50 percent.

The original tax scheme agreed-upon by the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council also called for a 100 percent tax on alcoholic beverages and pork, however, these products a...

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NZ Needs Sugar Tax, Says Jamie Oliver

June 29, 2017 Taxation in New Zealand

Jamie OliverWELLINGTON – Jamie Oliver is saying the New Zealand government could see an increase in revenues while also improving the health of children in the country by imposing a tax on sugar.

The internationally recognised chef Jamie Oliver has struck out at the New Zealand government over its inaction towards implementing a tax on the sale of sugary drinks.

Jamie Oliver’s criticism was delivered via a video which was recorded especially for the Fizz Symposium, which was held in Auckland on June 26th to discuss the possibility and practicality of a potential tax on sugary drinks.

It was claimed by Jamie Oliver that the new tax would be “new money for the children of New Zealand”.

He stressed that if a tax on sugary drinks was implemented, the newly raised funds should be earmarked and used...

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Czech Republic Delays e-Book Tax Break for EU

June 20, 2017 Taxation in EU

tax breaks on e-booksBRUSSELS – Taxpayers in the EU will not be able to enjoy a tax-break on e-books until the Czech Republic lets go of a bill it is holding hostage for its own political benefit.

Late last week tensions arose among members of the EU, as the Czech Republic blocked a bill relating the taxation of e-books, as a means of lending more weight to their demands on a separate bill on a proposed VAT pilot program.

The blocked bill is intended to allow EU member countries to introduce VAT breaks for the sale of e-books.

Currently, under EU law it is possible to reduce the rate of VAT on physical books, but the breaks are not extended to their digital counterparts, creating a divide between the taxation of physical and digital books.

The Czech Republic has blocked the bill at its last stage before imp...

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Trudea Says No to Internet Tax

June 16, 2017 Taxation in Canada

Canadian internet taxOTTAWA – Plans for a tax on high-speed internet have been quickly shutdown by the Prime Minister of Canada, following a proposal for such a tax by a national heritage group.

On June 15th the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau stated that the government would not support the recent proposal to instate a tax on high-speed internet services.

The proposal was raised by the Canadian Heritage parliamentary committee, and called for a 5 percent tax to be instated on high speed internet connections.

The tax will be applied to “broadband internet providers”, but their offered basic services packages would be exempt from the tax.

Due to the targeting of the tax, it has come to be called a “Netflix Tax” as it will be more likely to impact high-end users, and not individuals who want acces...

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Weight-loss Guru Calls for Obese Taxes

May 31, 2017 Taxation in UK

Fat TaxLONDON – Clothes and air travel for obese people should be taxed, according to a controversial UK weight-loss expert.

Steve Miller, a UK television celebrity and weight-loss advocate, has come forward to advocate a new tax or surcharge to be levied on the purchase of clothing aimed at obese people.

He suggested that the charge should be applied on the purchase of clothing of size 20 and higher.

Similarly he advocated that airline seats for obese individuals should cost more.

In the past Steve Miller has called for obese healthcare staff to be required to wear badge to identify them as being fat.

Along with the tax on large clothing, the weight-loss advocate called for retail outlets which sell large clothing to provide customers with weight management advice along with their purchases.

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