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Tax Driving Not Cars, Says Israel Think-Tank

September 27, 2018 Taxation in Israel

Car tax in IsraelTEL AVIV – One think tank is calling for Israel to make purchasing cars cheaper, while making driver much more expensive.

A think tank in Israel is calling for taxes to be dropped entirely from cars, fuel, and auto-parts, and shifted towards driving.

Manuel Trajtenberg, a researcher at the Technion’s Samuel Neaman Institute, has submitted his proposal to the Finance Ministry of Israel, claiming that his idea will help alleviate the country’s worsening traffic problems.

It has been estimated by the Bank of Israel that in 2016 the impact of traffic delays resulted in economic losses of ISK 35 billion.

However, the national treasure believes that the cost is only ISK 25 billion, while some academics think that is currently as high as ISK 522 billion, and will reach ISK 100 billion by 2...

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Netherlands Speed Cameras Become Tax Traps

September 24, 2018 Taxation in Netherlands

Dutch road taxAMSTERDAM – Dutch authorities will use an extensive camera network to see who is driving their car without paying tax.

Late last week Dutch media revealed that tax authorities will soon be monitoring all cars on the road to determine who is and who is not paying road taxes.

The Netherlands has an extensive array of cameras throughout the national roading network, both in the form of regular speed cameras and 800 specialized “ANPR” cameras used to monitor road conditions.

The cameras will be used by the tax authorities to see what cars are on the road, and reconcile the information against the information it has about who has paid their road taxes.

The monitoring of car use is expected to raise as much as EUR 10 million in extra tax revenues each year.

Previously authorities had used...

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Fuel Tax Debate Fires Up in New Zealand

August 29, 2018 Taxation in New Zealand

Fuel taxWELLINGTON – According to opposition parties and advocacy groups, New Zealand’s rising fuel taxes are a political sham and an indication of the government’s indifference to living costs.

The issue of rising petrol prices is heating up again in New Zealand, and upcoming tax hikes are one of the major factors behind the discussion.

In a recent media interview the chief executive if the Road Transport Forum NZ, Ken Shirley, said that the upcoming tax hikes on petrol are a political sham.

Since July this year, New Zealand’s biggest city, Auckland, has seen a regional fuel tax levied at a rate of NZD 0.115 per litre of petrol sold.

In addition to the regional tax, the government intends to introduce a series of hikes to the national fuel tax, which will total approximately NZD 0...

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Ghana Launches Luxury Vehicle Tax

July 20, 2018 Taxation in Ghana

Luxury car tax in GhanaACCRA – Despite expectations of a VAT hike, Ghana has surprised pundits by enacting a tax on luxury vehicles.

On July 19th the government of Ghana announced that it would be enacting a new tax on vehicles with large-capacity engines, with the new tax to be billed as a luxury vehicle tax.

The latest tax would be set at GHS 1 000 for cars with engine capacities of between 3.0 litres and 3.5 litres, while cars with capacities of between 3.6 litres and 4.0 litres would see a tax of GHS 1 500, and all cars exceeding 4.1 litres would face a tax of GHS 2 000.

The taxes would be applicable to all non-commercial vehicles, and would need to be paid each year.

The new tax is understood to have come as a surprise to many experts who believed that the government would announce a hike to the rate of VA...

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July 13, 2018 Taxation in USA

TeslaWASHINGTON D.C. – Tesla may have sold more electric cars in America than any other manufacturer, but the success comes at a price for consumers.

On July 12th the American electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla, confirmed that it has reached the production threshold which triggers the winding down of tax breaks available to American’s buying a Tesla.

Under current US tax rules, individuals purchasing an electric vehicle are eligible to receive a federal tax break of up to USD 7 500 when purchasing a Tesla.

However, as the tax break was not intended to be a permanent measure, the rules also stipulated that it applied in full to the first 200 000 cars shipped by any given manufacturer.

Tesla is now the first manufacturer to reach the 200 00 car threshold, meaning that in six months’ time t...

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