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Uzbekistan Says Grow Vegetables or Pay More Tax

March 28, 2018 Taxation in Uzbekistan

Chickens in UzbekistanTASHKENT – Taxpayers in Uzbekistan need to start raising chickens and growing vegetables if they do not want to see their taxes rise.

Last week the local media of Uzbekistan reported that the government has called for a hike to taxes for any landowners who do not use their land efficiently.

The new tax is not aimed at property developers or large-scale developers, but individuals and personal landholders.

The government is attempting to encourage landowners to plant gardens, grow their own vegetables, or raise animals.

The use of land will be evaluated by twice-yearly inspections, which will be conducted by police, tax inspectors, or local persecutors.

Taxpayers found to not be making efficient use of their land will see their property tax obligations tripled.

The call for the taxes o...

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