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Ukraine Eyes Tax Credit for Foreign Film

July 22, 2015 Taxation in Ukraine

KIEV – The government of Ukraine is taking several fiscal measures to try and boost the national film industry.

The government of Ukraine may soon implement a tax incentives to draw filmmakers into the country, according to the head of the national state cinema agency Filipp Ilyenko.

The tax incentive will come in the form of tax rebate which will be granted to foreign productions filmed in the country.

The films will first need to meet several requirements, including spending thresholds and a cultural test to determine if the production holds any cultural value to Ukraine.

Priority will be given to productions where local firms a major co-production partner, but consideration will also be given to projects where local firms are a minority stakeholder.

No deadline was provided for the intr...

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Ukraine Will See Tax Changes

March 26, 2014 Taxation in Ukraine

Tax changes in UkraineKIEV – The government of Ukraine wants to free the country from the grips of corruption, and bring the nation in line with modern taxation, economic and financial principals.

Addressing the members of a plenary meeting of the government on March 25th, the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk of Ukraine described the economic, political and financial problems faced by the nation at the current stage, and stated that going into the future the country has to thoroughly change the entire tax system and the regime of tax administration to reflect the standards and practices of the modern world, ultimately helping to stabilize the national economy and grow tax revenues.

In his speech, as one of the main means of reducing the occurrence of corruption, tax evasion and other financial crimes in the co...

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Santa Also Pays Taxes

December 26, 2012 Taxation in Ukraine

ChristmasKIEV – Actors and performers in Ukraine are under the scrutiny of the country’s tax authorities,  and have been warned to pay their taxes.

Only one day after Christmas the State Tax Service of Ukraine issued a statement reminding all self-employed actors playing the part of Santa, known locally as Did Moroz, to ensure that they meet their tax obligations on any money earned during the holiday season.

According to the statement, investigators at the Service have already poured through online advertisements from actors who offer holiday performances as Did Moroz, noting the large number of actors and their pay scales, saying that a Santa may earn up to UAH 3 500 for a single performance.

In an effort to encourage greater tax compliance amongst the holiday actors, the Service also called up...

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