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Connect to Social Media and Get Taxed, Says Uganda

April 13, 2018 Taxation in Uganda

social media tax ugandaKAMPALA – Uganda’s government wants to anyone who uses social media platforms, as such technology is used primarily for gossip.

The government of Uganda is looking to enact a new tax on the use of social media on mobile devices, a move which is claimed will plug budgetary gaps, even though some are claiming it’s actually aimed at quashing dissent among taxpayers.

The new tax would be levied at a rate of UGX 100 per day per SIM card, if that SIM card is used to connect to a social media service.

The proposed tax not only encapsulates connections to traditional social media platforms such as Facebook, but also extends to platforms used primarily for communication, such as WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber.

President Yoweri Museveni claimed that the social platforms are used primarily for lugamb...

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Uganda Eyes tax on Mobile Internet

August 19, 2016 Taxation in Uganda

Mobile Money TransferKAMPALA – Mobile data in Uganda may soon be more expensive, as the government looks at slapping a tax on one of the only mobile services left untaxed in the country.

Last week the Parliamentary Finance Committee of Uganda was presented with a new proposal to levy a tax on mobile internet data used in the country.

Currently, almost all services which can be rendered in Uganda, such as 12 percent excise tax on phone calls or a 20 percent on value added mobile services.

However, currently no taxes are levied in the consumption of mobile data, regardless of how the data is used.

The call for the tax was spurred by a significant drop in the level of collections of revenues from mobile excise taxes, which is believed to have been caused by an increased propensity by taxpayers to use data-based...

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Uganda Hikes Tax on Old Cars

June 19, 2015 Taxation in Uganda

KAMPALA – Cars will soon be more expensive in Uganda, as the government imposes new taxes on old vehicles.

On June 18th the Commissioner of the Uganda Revenue Authority confirmed that the taxes applied on the import of used cars will be raised, as a means of encouraging consumers to buy newer and more efficient vehicles.

The environmental tax on the import of cars aged between five and ten years will be raised from the current rate of 20 percent to a new rate of 35 percent.

Any vehicle which is older than 10 years will be levied with a tax of 50 percent.

The increase in the rate of the environmental tax will lead to a hike in the price of transporting the car and the final retail price faced by consumers.

The Commissioner explained that the newly raised rates will help “wean” importers...

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Uganda to Tax Money Transfers

June 17, 2013 Taxation in Uganda

Mobile Money TransferKAMPALA – Nearly 9 million Ugandan taxpayers are about to be hit in the pocket, as the government sets forward to tax a mobile money transfer service widely utilized in the country.

Late last week the government of Uganda announced that a 10 percent tax will be charged on all mobile money transfers completed through national financial institutions, and while the measure was initially overlooked by the public, controversy arose over the weekend as claims were made that the measure will have a disproportionately detrimental effect on the financial situation of the country’s lowest earning taxpayers.

Mobile money is a widespread and popular service in Uganda, allowing individuals and business owners to deposit, withdraw, and transfer money to an account which is directly linked to their mobi...

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