Netherlands Speed Cameras Become Tax Traps

September 24, 2018 Taxation in Netherlands

Dutch road taxAMSTERDAM – Dutch authorities will use an extensive camera network to see who is driving their car without paying tax.

Late last week Dutch media revealed that tax authorities will soon be monitoring all cars on the road to determine who is and who is not paying road taxes.

The Netherlands has an extensive array of cameras throughout the national roading network, both in the form of regular speed cameras and 800 specialized “ANPR” cameras used to monitor road conditions.

The cameras will be used by the tax authorities to see what cars are on the road, and reconcile the information against the information it has about who has paid their road taxes.

The monitoring of car use is expected to raise as much as EUR 10 million in extra tax revenues each year.

Previously authorities had used the system to check on whether drivers were breaking rules regarding the use of business vehicles for private purposes, however, the measure was ruled to be illegal.

While the system was functional it took 130 million photos, with only 43 cameras.

It is expected that the scope of how many photos will be captured now will increase, as the number of cameras has risen sharply.