Give Us Solar Panels and Win Our Vote, Say New Zealanders

September 3, 2018 Taxation in New Zealand

Los paneles solares una realidad en México.WELLINGTON – The next election in New Zealand could go to the party which promise to pay for residential solar panels and electric cars, according to a survey.

Last week the New Zealand research company, Horizon Research, issued the results of a new survey into the opinions of New Zealanders on the potential use of tax subsidies to reduce emissions and address climate change.

Approximately 64 per cent of people surveyed agreed that climate change is a problem, and approximately 29 per cent said that it was an urgent issue, while 30 per cent said that it was either a problem for later or not a problem at all.

Approximately 71 per cent of people who were surveyed said that they would support the introduction of subsidies on the purchase and installation of residential solar power systems.
The next most popular suggestion was the introduction of subsidies for electric vehicles, which saw support from 59 per cent of respondents.

The least popular options were to continue subsidies to emitters while they look for ways to reduce emissions, taxing emissions from vehicles, and taxing high-emissions goods and services.

The researchers claimed that a policy of subsidising residential solar panels could be a “vote winner” in the next national election.