Ghana Will Snoop on Phone Calls To Help Tax Revenues

July 27, 2018 Taxation in Ghana

mobileACCRA – Ghana will start monitoring all phone calls, texts, and data usage as a means of ensuring telecommunications companies pay enough tax.

Earlier this month the Human rights Court in Ghana dismissed a claim that the government’s planned mobile monitoring technology is a breach of privacy.

The monitoring system, called the Common Platform, is intended to help the government ensure that telecommunications companies are accurately reporting traffic and usage, and subsequently declaring the full extent of their incomes.

While the system is claimed to be only for the monitoring of revenues, the system would allow the government access to the contents of voice calls, data usage, and messages sent in Ghana.

Opponents of the system claim that this would breach users’ rights to privacy, and “has the capacity to actively or passively record, monitor or tap into the content of any incoming or outgoing electronic communications traffic such as voice.”

However, the court found that while the platform could breach privacy of individuals, not enough evidence was presented to show that it would breach privacy, and that the fear is founded in more than public sentiment.