Bahrain Taxes Vape Liquids Like Cigarettes

July 26, 2018 Taxation in BahrainTaxation in Qatar

Vape liquid taxMANAMA – Despite the fact that vape liquids do not contain tobacco, the government of Bahrain is taxing them at the same rate as cigarettes.

Public outcry is rising in Bahrain over the government’s recent decision to enact a 100 percent levy on the sale of vape liquids.

On July 12th the government of Bahrain announced, with no forewarning, that it will classify vape liquids as a tobacco product.

All tobacco products in Bahrain carry a levy of 100 percent of its retails price.

Currently, there are an estimated 50 retailers in Bahrain who actively sell vape liquids and juices, and these retailers import an estimated 40 000 bottles of liquids into the country each year.

Retailers of vaping products are arguing that the liquids should not be taxed as tobacco products, as the liquids do not actually contain any tobacco products.

Further, retailers are claiming that increasing the tax on vape juices, and subsequently their prices, will drive vapers back to smoking traditional tobacco products.