Tax Freedom Day Falls in Poland

June 7, 2018 Taxation in Poland

Tax Freedom day PolishWARSAW – Tax Freedom Day has come in Poland, and it has arrived three days earlier than last year.

June 6th was the date of Tax Freedom Day in Poland for the current year, according to the latest calculations completed by the think-tank the Adam Smith Centre.

Tax Freedom Day is a symbolic measure of the tax burden faced by taxpayers in any given country.

The date of the Tax Freedom Day is calculated by comparing the total tax burden in a country, and comparing that to the total tax take in the same area for the same timeframe.

Tax Freedom Day is intended to represent the point in time where taxpayers would have earned enough to pay off their tax obligation for the year.

In 2017 Tax Freedom Day in Poland was on June 9th, 3 days later than in 2018.

The movement in the Tax Freedom Day date has been attributed to the relative growth in the economy of Poland, compared to its relatively stable tax take.