New Zealand Slaps New Taxes on Tourists

June 15, 2018 Taxation in New Zealand

Air New ZealandWELLINGTON – New Zealand is tightening up its borders and slapping taxes and fees on those wanting to visit or live in the country.

On June 15th the government of New Zealand launched a new consultation on proposed changes to the taxes and levies to be paid by visitors and migrants coming to the country.

Immigration and tourist taxes have been a hot-button topic in New Zealand in the last year, with the newly elected government making a campaign promise to address the issues of excessive inward migration and drawing more funding from visitors for tourism infrastructure.

The government has now released its proposed changes in this regard, and is seeking public comment on the proposals.

Among the proposed changes is a NZD 30 International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy, which will be paid by any individuals who are intending to stay for less than 12 months.

In addition to the Levy, any individuals who are not required to hold a visa to come to New Zealand, such as tourists from visa waiver countries, would be required to Electronic Travel Authority prior to travelling to New Zealand.

The estimated cost of the Electronic Travel Authority will be NZD 9.

Further, the cost of visa application is expected to be changed, with the cost of work visas and immigration levies to rise by 54 percent and 43 percent, respectively.