Ireland, EU’s Most Expensive Drinks

June 22, 2018 Taxation in Ireland

Alcohol in IrelandDUBLIN – Taxes are pushing up the price of alcohol in Ireland, where are drink can now cost more than anywhere else in the EU.

A new report released recently by Eurostat is indicating that Irish consumers pay the highest rates of tax in Europe for alcohol and tobacco.

The new report showed that the price of alcohol and tobacco in Ireland is approximately 174 percent of the standard average price of alcohol in Europe.

Commenting on the findings, Patricia Callan of the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland, said that the high costs can be attributed to the high excise taxes levied on alcohol in Ireland.

She added that “…Ireland has the second highest excise tax rate in the EU, behind only Finland. We have the highest excise tax on wine, the second highest on beer and the third highest on spirits.”

After Ireland, the next most expensive countries for alcohol and tobacco were the UK and Finland, where the costs were 157 percent and 139 percent above average.

In comparison, the cheapest places for alcohol were Bulgaria and Romania, seeing prices at 56 percent and 69 percent respectively.