Seoul Wants Income Tax on Bitcoin

December 7, 2017 Taxation in South Korea

cryptocurrencySEOUL – Korean taxpayers love cryptocurrencies, and the government is hoping to cash in with an income tax on digital coins.

During the National Tax Administration Forum in Korea earlier this week, Kim Byung-il, a professor of the economics and taxation department at Kangnam University, called on the government to create a comprehensive framework for the taxation of cryptocurrencies.

Korea is currently one of the hotbeds of cryptocurrencies, with many coins trading at a significant premium on local exchanges.

The government was called on to thoroughly research and implement a tax on incomes garnered by Korean taxpayers on the sale of cryptocurrencies.

Systems would also need to be implemented to ensure that taxpayers are not able to avoid their income tax obligations by obfuscating their identity and income.

As a means of beginning the research into how Korea should tax cryptocurrency, the government was encouraged to examine the tax treatment of similar technology in other countries.

Regulation of cryptocurrencies is increasing in Korea at the moment, with moves currently being made to enact regulation and monitoring of cryptocurrency exchanges used by Korea taxpayers to trade real money for common cryptocurrencies.