Germany Should Abolish Air Taxes

October 24, 2017 Taxation in Germany

German air passenger dutyBERLIN – Germany will see an overall economic benefit to the country if it drops its taxes on air passengers.

The results of a study completed by PWC and released on October 23rd suggests that dropping Air Passenger Duty in Germany would result in a boost to the number of travellers coming to the country, and a subsequent increase in tax revenues.

Removing all APD would lead to a total of 24.6 million passengers arriving in Germany by 2020, with more than half coming for tourism.

The increase in tourist and traveller numbers would lead to an economic boost of as much as EUR 67 billion over the next 12 years.

The boost and the increase in tax collections would exceed the EUR 1 billion annual loss which would arise by dropping the tax.

The air passenger duty in Germany is levied at a rate from EUR 7.47 per passenger to EUR 41.99 per passenger, based on the destination and distance of the flight.