Finland Dropping Coal in Favour of Nuclear

September 5, 2017 Taxation in Finland

CoalHELSINKI – Finland hopes that carbon tax will help the country shed its position as the highest user of coal in Scandinavia.

Finland is aiming to phase out the use of coal for power generation by raising carbon taxes and introducing legislation to encourage the use of nuclear power.

The government of Finland hopes that by 2030 the country will no longer rely on the use of coal for national power-generation.

In order to replace the power currently sourced from coal, the country will shift its reliance towards nuclear power stations.

Two new stations are being constructed, and are expected to come online in 2018 and 2024.

Currently, Finland sources 10 percent of its power from coal-burning plants, the highest coal-utilization rate in Scandinavia.

The director general in Finland’s energy department Riku Huttunen has said that in order to facilitate the transition away from coal, the government will introduce new legislation next year to increase carbon taxes, however, he did not reveal the exact extent of the increase.