Greeks Work 203 Days to Pay Tax

June 28, 2017 Taxation in Greece

Tax Freedom DayATHENS – Greeks work for nearly two-thirds of the year just to raise enough money to pay their taxes.

According to the results of new research conducted by the Greek think-tank Dragoumis Center for Liberal Studies, Greek taxpayers need to spend 203 days working this year in order to earn enough to simply cover their annual tax bill.

The new research shows that in 2017, Tax Freed Day, in Greece will fall on July 23rd.

Tax Freedom Day is a theoretical measure of how long it takes the average taxpayer to pay off their tax obligations.

The date of Tax Freedom Day this year is 15 days later than in 2016, and nearly 2 months later than in 2006.

Only two countries in the EU have a Tax Freedom Day falling later than Greece, being Belgium and Greece.

Conversely, some countries saw Tax Freedom Day fall much earlier in the year, with Cyprus leading the pack at March 29th.