Weight-loss Guru Calls for Obese Taxes

May 31, 2017 Taxation in UK

Fat TaxLONDON – Clothes and air travel for obese people should be taxed, according to a controversial UK weight-loss expert.

Steve Miller, a UK television celebrity and weight-loss advocate, has come forward to advocate a new tax or surcharge to be levied on the purchase of clothing aimed at obese people.

He suggested that the charge should be applied on the purchase of clothing of size 20 and higher.

Similarly he advocated that airline seats for obese individuals should cost more.

In the past Steve Miller has called for obese healthcare staff to be required to wear badge to identify them as being fat.

Along with the tax on large clothing, the weight-loss advocate called for retail outlets which sell large clothing to provide customers with weight management advice along with their purchases.

It is currently estimated that a quarter of people in the UK are obese, and by the year 2030 the level will rise to approximately a third.