New Zealand Wont See Water Tax

March 20, 2017 Taxation in New Zealand

Water in New ZealandWELLINGTON – Bottlers and exporters of premium New Zealand water will be breathing a sigh of relief, as the Prime Minister explains why they will not be paying a water tax any time soon.

In a television interview on Match 20th the Prime Minister of New Zealand explained that the government would not soon see the implementation of a tax on the bottling of water to be sold outside of New Zealand.

Recently, New Zealand has seen an increase in public outcry and media controversy regarding the issue of water being collected from New Zealand springs and lakes, and being sold overseas, as the businesses which win the rights to bottle the water, only pay a minimal price for the privilege.

The controversy has led to the suggestion that businesses which bottle water and sell it overseas should be eligible to pay some extra taxes.

However, the Prime Minister explained that in order to implement the tax, it would first need to be legally established who owns the water which is being bottled, and, subsequently, who should enjoy the proceeds of the tax or any other monetary measures applied to the sale of the water.

He added that if the tax is applied to water bottling, it should also be applied to industries which make natural resources.