Sugar Taxes Back on the Table in Australia

February 21, 2017 Taxation in Australia

Sugar tax in AustraliaCANBERRA – Academics and nutritionists in Australia are calling for a sugar tax, however, many politicians are standing up in staunch opposition to the proposal.

A new report in Australia with contributions from over 100 nutrition experts from across 53 organizations is calling for a raft of new measures aimed directly at tackling the country’s growing obesity epidemic.

One of the key proposals in the report was the introduction of targeted taxes on sugar-filled foods and beverages, including sugary drinks, a food item that has been the targeted of taxes and tax discussion around the world.

The tax was not the only suggestion in the report, and among the 46 other points raised were complimentary measures such as restricting advertising on junk food, restricting the sale of junk food at sports events, restricting the use of junk food vouchers as rewards, especially in children’s sports events.

However, while the report contained a number of suggestions, a significant portion of the controversy following its release has been concentrated on the proposed tax.

So far the measure has been labelled as “unfair and unworkable”, with some members of parliament saying that Australians should take personal responsibility for what they eat, instead of relying on the government to take money out of their pockets.