Sweden Taxes Terrorist Financiers

December 16, 2016 Taxation in Sweeden

Sweden taxes terroristsSTOCKHOLM – Sweden has retrieved unpaid taxes from 120 individuals suspected of financing terrorist activities.

A new collaborative project between Swedish tax authorities and security police is paying off dividends by raising tax revenues while also strangling the flows of terrorist financing.

The project, which was initially launched a year ago, revolves around ongoing investigations by the security Service, Säpo, to try and identify individuals suspected of enabling terrorist financing or actively participating in the funnelling of money to terrorist organisations.

The names and details of all suspected individuals are passed to tax authorities who conduct investigations into the tax affairs of the people, including comparisons of their declared incomes against their lifestyles.

It is believed that by restricting the finances of individuals involved in terrorist financing it will be possible to restrict their ability to participate in the illicit activity until authorities are able to stop their illegal acts entirely.

Over the course of the project, authorities have so far raised an extra SEK 11.1 million tax revenues from investigations into alleged terrorist financiers.

So far approximately 400 people have been named as part of the project, with the investigations resulting in extra tax payments for 120 individuals so far.