Pakistan Publishes National Tax Directory

September 12, 2016 Taxation in Pakistan

tax revenue in PakistanISLAMABAD – New information shows that MPs in Pakistan often neglect their tax obligations, and even when they do, they often under-declare their incomes.

Over the weekend the government of Pakistan released the latest edition of its annual Tax Directory, listing all the taxpayers in the country, and their tax payments.

The new Tax Directory showed that at least 120 Ministers of Parliament did not file their tax returns, while another 19 did not pay the taxes that they owed.

The Federal Minister of Finance Ishaq Dar has stated that he will be approaching the MPs who did not file tax returns, in order to convince them to fulfil their obligations.

Soon after the release of the tax Directory it was noted by several local media outlets that even among the MPs that did pay their tax obligations, many had declared incomes which were far lower than would be needed to support their lifestyles.

The Finance Minister stated that the government will continue to fulfil its promise to continue publishing the tax directory in the future, as a means of increasing the rate of tax compliance throughout Pakistan.

Photo by: Alan Cleaver