British Holidaymakers Pay Up GBP 2.4 Billion Per Year

August 16, 2016 Taxation in UK

LONDON – New figures show that UK travellers are facing a tax hit of as much as GBP 61.12 per year as they take their holiday breaks.

Over the weekend the UK Taxpayers’ Alliance (TPA) released a report showing that the amount of tax revenue collected by the government from holidaymakers has risen by GBP 900 million over the last years.

The TPA estimates that the government takes in a total of approximately GBP 2.4 billion per year from various taxes charged on the spending of holiday makers, an amount which is GBP 900 million more than the collections in 2008.

Currently, approximately GBP 511 million of the total collections is made up of Air Passenger Duties, with GBP 1.8 billion made up of VAT on pre-holiday purchases, and another GBP 74 million on Holiday Insurance Premiums.

The total tax revenues collected were spread out over approximately 117 million travellers, equivalent to a tax burden of GBP 61.12 per person.

The TPA added that it has repeatedly called for a reduction in Air Passenger Duties as a means of boosting tourism, business activity and investment, and is now using the latest tax collection information to underline its ongoing stance on the tax.

Photo By: Simon Allardice