“Solar Taxes” Approved in New Zealand

July 15, 2016 Taxation in New Zealand

WELLINGTON – A new ruling could see new charges and taxes rolled out across home solar panels in New Zealand.

Earlier this week the Electricity Authority in New Zealand gave the green light to a local electricity lines company to levy a charge on customers with solar panels, a decision which is being seen by many as a new “solar tax”.

In April this year the lines company Unison, which services the Hawke’s Bay region of New Zealand, announced that it would raise the services charges for any customers who use solar panels, and feedback any excess generated power back to the grid.

The decision is widely believed to be the first of its kind in New Zealand, and fears have arisen that it will pave the way for a greater implementation of charges and “solar taxes” to be levied by other power distributors and lines companies around the country.

Solar power generation by homeowners has been increasing in New Zealand, with the number of solar PV installations over the 18 months to June 2015 rising by 220 percent.

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