UK Needs a 50% Sugar Tax

January 12, 2016 Taxation in UK

LONDON – The UK needs a tax on sugary drinks, but the rate should be set at much more than the proposed 20 percent.

According to researchers at the UK based National Obesity Forum the currently proposed 20 percent tax on the sale of sugary drinks will not be effective, and the rate needs to be raised to as much as 50 percent order to lead to any health benefits.

The Forum claims that a tax rate of less than 50 percent “…on sugary drinks will be insufficient as a disincentive to consumers.”

It was emphasized that the Forum does not endorse extra taxes on foods, however, sugary drinks were an exception due to their significantly negative effect on health.

The National Obesity Forum is not the only UK group calling on taxation of sugary drinks this week, as the Cancer Research U.K. and the U.K. Health Forum issued a joint report calling for a collection of new measures aimed at reducing obesity rates, including the imposition of a tax specifically on the sale of sugar-sweetened beverages.

Photos By: Jannes Pockele