Tax Evasion a Major Problem in Italy

December 17, 2015 Taxation in Italy

ROME – Tax evasion is much bigger dilemma in Italy then previously thought, and reducing the problem by even 50 percent could create hundreds of thousand more jobs.

On December 16th the Italian employers’ organization Confindustria issued a new report claiming that the country loses as much as EUR 122 billion per year due to tax evasion.

It was claimed that tax evaders in Italy face a very low risk of being caught, with 99 percent of taxpayers facing no risk of undergoing a spot check on their tax affairs.

In its report the Confindustria claimed that if the rate of tax evasion could be cut by even half, the national economy could be boosted by approximately 3.1 percent while also generating an additional 335 000 jobs.

The largest portion of the tax evasion came from non-payment of value added tax, which amounted to EUR 40 billion, followed by non-payment of payroll tax and income tax, which amounted to EUR 34 billion and EUR 23 billion respectively.

The new report suggests that the level of tax evasion in Italy is much greater than previously thought, as prior estimates placed the level of tax evasion at only EUR 90 billion per year.

Photo By: Images Money