Monitoring Devices to Ensure Tax Compliance in Zimbabwe

December 16, 2015 Taxation in Zimbabwe

HARARE – Zimbabwe will use new ever-watching technology to make sure that businesses comply with their tax obligations.

At a conference held earlier this week the Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Gershem Pasi said that at the start of next year the government will begin rolling out new electronic monitoring devices aimed at ensuring that businesses are paying all necessary taxes.

The new devices will be installed inside businesses, at points of sales, and inside mobile services such as taxis, and will provide real-time logging of all sales, transactions, product and service types, cash taken, and payments made.

The collected data will be remitted in real-time back to tax authorities for inspection and analysis.

The new monitoring system will help businesses to comply with their tax filing and payment obligations, and will increase the difficulty of hiding transactions in order to forego tax payments.

It was also noted that the new devices will be setup in a manner which will lead to a notification being sent to the tax authority if any attempts are made to turn-off or tamper with the monitoring device or transmissions made back to tax authorities.

Photo by: Kenny Louie