Controversy Surrounds Sugar Tax in the UK

October 22, 2015 Taxation in UK

LONDON – The controversy surrounding sugar taxes in the UK has grown, as health experts claim that the government has suppressed the results of research showing that the tax is necessary.

Earlier this week the Director of diet and obesity at Public Health England Alison Tedstone appeared in front of the Commons health Committee and claimed that there is strong evidence that the imposition of a sugar tax will decrease the amount of sugary foods and drinks purchased and consumed in the UK.

However, despite the evidence that a tax on sugar-laden foods and sugary drinks would reduce consumption, the proposal has already been rejected by the Department of Health.

It has been suggested that the rejection of the proposal was due to the fact that the tax was considered to be a “blunt weapon” which would punish low-income families.

The full impact of the tax has been described in a study conducted by the Public Health England, but the result have never been made public nor have they been announced.

Some tax experts and anti-obesity groups have suggested that the government has purposely suppressed the release of the information in order to avoid creating more support for the tax.

Photo By: Umberto Salvagnin