Wait Times for HMRC Hotline Reaches 47 Minutes

September 10, 2015 Taxation in UK

LONDON – Taxpayers in the UK have to pay as much as GBP 4.66 just to reach a real person when calling the HMRC tax hotline.

According to the result of new research released by the UK charity Citizens Advice, taxpayers in the country are required to wait an overwhelming amount of time to talk to staff at the HM Revenue and Customs.

The Citizens Advice claims to have analyzed approximately 11.5 thousand tweets sent by approximately 9 thousand individuals to the HMRC Twitter account with complaints about the length of time a caller to the HMRC’s hotline would remain on hold.

The average caller would wait approximately 47 minutes before being connected to a real operator, while, in some cases, the waiting time would extend to as much as 4 hours.

In contrast the HMRC claims that the average waiting time for a call is only 11 minutes on average.

According to Citizens Advice the average call time could cost a caller as much as GBP 4.66.

Photo By: Billy Brown