Sugar Taxes Supported by a Majority in Ireland

September 23, 2015 Taxation in Ireland

DUBLIN – Approximately three quarters of taxpayers in Ireland support the call for a tax on sugary drinks as a means of fighting obesity.

Irish taxpayers support the proposal to implement taxes on the sale of sugary beverages, according to the results of a new survey released on September 22nd by the Irish Heart Foundation.

Approximately 58 percent of respondents to the survey claimed that they support the imposition of a 20 percent tax on the sale of drinks with a high sugar content, while only 39 percent were against such a proposal.

It was noted that there was a significant and demonstrable difference in the reception to the idea between differing groups with students and teenagers showing the greatest support, while approximately half of unemployed respondents shared the same view.

When respondents were asked whether they would support the tax if all the raised funds were directed to health initiatives and anti-obesity programmes, the support rose to 76 percent.

If implemented, the tax is estimated to raise an additional EUR 44.5 million in tax revenues, while reducing the instance of obesity by 3 percent.

Photo By: SoxFanInSD