South Africans Rush to Submit Tax Returns

August 25, 2015 Taxation in South Africa

PRETORIA – Almost half of all personal tax returns due this year in South Africa have already been submitted, eventhough there is more than a month left to go until the deadline.

Personal tax returns in South Africa are being filed faster rate this year than in the previous year, according to new information released in a new statement on August 24th by the South African Revenue Service.

As at August 20th at 5pm just over 2 million of the tax returns due to be submitted this year were filed through the tax authority’s online submission system.

The 2 million submitted tax returns represent 44.77 percent of all the tax returns due in, a level which is significantly higher than the 39.31 percent submitted at the same time in the previous year.

It was noted that the number of people still using paper forms to file their tax returns continues to decline, with only 783 people, or 0.04 percent of taxpayers, choosing to use the older procedures to complete their tax obligations.

The remaining tax returns are due to be submitted by September 30th.

The Commissioner of the South African Revenue Service Tom Moyane attributed the successful so far to the continued efforts of tax workers in the country, but added that he would like to “…thank taxpayers for their patriotism and recognition of the importance of tax revenues towards socially and economically developing our country”.

Photo By: flowcomm