IRS Admits Further Data Breaches

August 19, 2015 Taxation in USA

WASHINGTON D.C. – More than 300 000 taxpayers in the USA have had their tax information and personal details stolen from a website operated by the IRS.

Earlier this week the US Internal Revenue Service issued a new statement confirming that approximately 220 000 individual taxpayers in the country will soon be receiving letters confirming that their tax details may have been obtained by third parties without permission.

The security breach is part of the so-called “Get Transcript Incident” when in May this year the information of approximately 114 000 other taxpayers was obtained by hackers through an IRS operated website.

Another 170 000 taxpayers will also receive letters informing them that attempts were made to access their data, although those attempts ultimately failed with no sensitive information being retrieved.

According to the IRD, the stolen tax data may be used to file fake tax returns next year, and in an effort to avoid being a victim of fraud taxpayers should take steps now to secure their accounts by utilizing the IRS’s account security features.

Photo By: Ivan David Gomez Arce