Bulgaria to Inspect All Print Media Outlets

August 4, 2015 Taxation in Bulgaria

SOFIA – Accusations have arisen that the government of Bulgaria is using tax inspections to silence media outlets which do not support the government.

On August 7th the National Revenue Agency of Bulgaria announced that all print media outlets in the country will be undergoing an inspection their financial activities over the last five years, a move which has lead to accusations that the inspections are intended to punish the media outlets for their criticism of the current government administration.

According to the tax authority, a significant number of media outlets have not faced any tax audit for several years, and it was due time for authorities to look closer at whether all taxes and social security contributions have been paid in full.

Several months ago the tax authority issued a report claiming that the print media sector, along with the online media sector, was at a high risk of tax evasion.

It was stated further that the checks are not related to the editorial policies of the media outlets, but just part of routine procedures to ensure that no tax evasion takes place.

However, some accusations have already arisen that the checks were sparked by negative views published by the local newspaper Sega in relation to a joint stance taken by the two largest political parties in the country.

Photo By: Jon S