Sugar Tax Will Stave Off Obesity Epidemic

July 13, 2015 Taxation in UK

LONDON – Doctors in the UK are calling for taxes to be levied on the sale of unhealthy drinks, claiming that such a measure could lead to thousands of lives being saved.

Over the weekend the British Medical Association issued a new report, Food for Thought, detailing the state of healthcare and health in the country, claiming that a tax needs to be enacted on the sale of sugar-laden beverages.

It is estimated that unless dramatic steps are taken now to improve diets in the UK, by the year 2030 approximately 30 percent of the population will be obese.

The growth in the rate of obesity in the country has been attributed primarily to poor diets, which are costing the National Health Service as much as GBP 6 billion per year, and resulting in 70 000 deaths.

Introducing a tax of 20 percent on the sale of sugary drinks, and using the collected funds to subsidies fruits and vegetables will lead to vast improvements in the health and lifestyles of people in the UK, especially low-income individuals, ultimately leading to a drop in obesity rates.

Photo By: Moyan Brenn