Sugar Tax Will Reduce Obesity

July 30, 2015 International Tax Cooperation

LONDON – Sugar can cause obesity and obesity-related health issues, and taxes are being considered as a means of curbing harmful consumption.

Taxes on sugar and sugar-filled products could help countless people shed weight and reduce the occurrence of Type II diabetes, according to information published in the international debate medical journal The BMJ.

Arguing in the debate for the imposition of taxes on sugar the adviser at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in Finland Sirpa Sarlio-Lähteenkorva claimed that taxes on specific unhealthy elements of a bad diet are good option, as such taxes would be easy to administer, making them a practicable step.

She added that a system such a sugar tax could target not only sugar-filled products such drinks, but all products, with the tax component varying directly to the amount of sugar contained in the food.

She also referenced a previously completed study which indicated that a tax equivalent to GBP 0.70 per kilogram of sugar would lead to reduced consumption, and a subsequent average weight loss of 3.2 kg and a 13 percent reduction in the instance diabetes.

Photo By: Vox Efx