France Takes Back EUR 20 Million of Dodged Taxes

June 24, 2015 Taxation in France

PARIS – France has seen marked success in collecting previously unpaid taxes, overpaid benefits, and tax dodged when importing goods.

On June 23rd the government of France announced that over the course of the 2014 year it has collected approximately EUR 20 billion from tax avoiders and benefit fraudsters.

During the year tax authorities collected UER 15.3 billion in taxes on previously undeclared taxes.

In addition, an extra EUR 4 billion was collected in the form of fines issued to the taxpayers for failing to declare their incomes.

The total amount of previously unpaid taxes brought in by tax collectors was approximately EUR 1.3 billion.

Further, an extra EUR 424.96 million brought in from the collection of previously paid fraudulent benefit claims, and EUR 427 million collected in unpaid social security contributions for undeclared workers, while an extra EUR 356.9 million was collected by customs officers.

Photo By: Emilian Robert Vicol