UK Needs to Tax Unhealthy Foods

May 22, 2015 Taxation in UK

LONDON – The UK needs to implement taxes on food rich in fat, sugar and salt, but before such a measure can become a reality it must first be accepted by the wider public.

The government of the UK needs to closely examine the feasibility of implementing taxes on unhealthy foods, in order to fight the growing rate of obesity and to raise extra funds for national healthcare, according to the results of new research published on May 21st by the Food Research Collaboration.

The new research took into account already existing data and analysis of the impact that various food taxes have already had in Denmark, USA, Mexico, Finland, France, and Hungary.

It was noted that there is considerable evidence to back the implementation of taxes on foods which are disproportionately high in fats, sugar, or salt, but not enough data currently exists to evaluate the long-term effects of such taxes.

The researchers also noted that in order to implement taxes on unhealthy foods it will be necessary to win the support of politicians, the public, and the food industry, all parties which currently show significant opposition to any such measures.

Photo By: Bruna Ferrara;