Hackers Steal Tax Data on 100k Taxpayers

May 29, 2015 Taxation in USA

WASHINGTON D.C. – The IRS has given out millions in tax refunds to a criminal syndicate using taxpayer data stolen from the IRS website.

Earlier this week the IRS commissioner John Koskinen revealed that information about as many as 100 000 individual taxpayers in the USA may have been stolen using a feature on the website of the Inland Revenue Service.

The security breach occurred using the “Get Transcript” facility on the IRS website, which allows taxpayers to obtain previous tax returns.

It is not yet known how exactly the security for the website was breached, as the site requires significant knowledge about the taxpayers, including addresses, names, social security numbers, date of birth, and filing status.

It is believed that some of the information may have already been used to obtain falsified tax refunds worth as much as USD 50 million.

Some experts have already suggested that the security breach was too sophisticated to be completed by amateurs, and is likely to have been part of an elaborate operation by an international crime syndicate.

Photo By: GotCredit