IRS Leaves Millions of Calls Unanswered

April 17, 2015 Taxation in USA

WASHINGTON D.C. – Taxpayers in the USA re increasingly turning to electronics means of filing taxes and contacting the IRS, as the tax authorities’ phone services are plagued with delays, unanswered calls, and poor service quality.

Continued budget cuts are significantly decreasing the level of service provided by the US Internal Revenue Service, with the a large portion of calls to the IRS’s assistance lines not being answered or left on hold.

Between January 1st 2015 and March 7th 2015 approximately 45.6 million calls were made to the IRS’s assistance lines, however only 4.2 million of the calls were eventually answered, despite having an average waiting time of 24.6 minutes.

Aside from the long wait, the service quality of the IRS has also dropped, with callers reporting rating the service quality at 38.5 percent, compared to 74.5 percent in the previous year.

To combat the drop in quality of the phone assistance, the IRS has increasingly encouraged taxpayers to utilize electronic facilities and information sources, noting that in 2015 93.5 percent of returns were filled electronically.