Australians Call for Tax on Unhealthy Food

January 21, 2015 Taxation in Australia

CANBERRA – Australians overwhelmingly support the idea of reducing the consumption of sugar and junk food in the country, with a large portion going so far as to call for a tax on unhealthy food.

On January 20th the Consumer Health Forum of Australia, the Heart Foundation, the Public Health Association of Australia, and the Obesity Policy Coalition issued a joint statement detailing the result of research showing that a significant portion of Australians are calling for an improvement to people’s diets through the imposition of taxes.

Approximately 85 percent of individuals who were surveyed as part of the research claimed that unhealthy eating habits were now a major problem faced by Australia, while nearly 79 percent of people believed that unless something is done now to reduce the national consumption of sugar and salt the lifespans of Australians will be gradually decreased.

Half of all respondents also indicated that they support the imposition of a tax on the sale of foods rich in salt or sugar.

The tax revenues collected from the tax could be used directly to fund programs fighting the obesity among adults and children in the country, a problem which currently estimated to cost Australia AUD 56 billion per year.

It is currently estimated that 63 percent of all adults in Australia are overweight or obese, while approximately one quarter of children are in the same position.

Photo By: Calgary Reviews