Ireland Offers Tax Break For Kidney Donations

November 12, 2014 Taxation in Ireland

Tax breaks for kidney donationsDUBLIN – Good samaritans who donate their kidneys in Ireland will soon be eligible for a reduction in their tax obligations.

On November 11th the Minister of Health of Ireland Leo Varadkar announced that taxpayers who donate their kidneys will soon be eligible for tax breaks aimed at reducing the financial burden of donating organs.

According to the Minister, the government will soon implement new measures will exempt reimbursable expenses from the personal income tax obligations of individuals who donate their kidneys.

The expenses eligible under the program include losses of income, travel expenses, medical expenses and accommodation expenses.

The program will be administered and operated by the Health Service Executive of Ireland, which will finalize the procedure for claimants along with upper limits on the amounts that may be claimed by taxpayers.

Ireland is not the first country to offer financial incentive for individuals to donate organs, with a number of states in the USA running their own tax-break programs to ease the financial burdens faced by donators, however, a study in 2012 indicated that the incentives in the states’ programs did not have any positive effect on increasing the supply of donated organs in the country.

Photo By: Official U.S. Navy Page