USA Wastes Half of Every Tax Dollar

September 20, 2014 Taxation in USA

Tax wastage USAWASHINGTON D.C. – Taxpayers in the USA have little faith in the federal government, and think that more than half of every tax dollar collected is being wasted.

Earlier this week the US based research firm Gallup released the results of a new survey showing that US taxpayers believe that the federal government wastes approximately USD 0.51 of every USD 1 collected from taxpayers.

The currently estimated level of wastage is the same as the result in a previous survey conducted in 2011, but also the highest on record since Gallup launched the survey in 1979, when respondents believed that the government wasted only USD 0.40 per USD 1.

The experts of Gallup also found that the estimates of tax wastage was influenced by the respondents’ political affiliation, with individuals identifying as Democrats claiming that tax wastage was only at USD 0.42 cents, while Republicans claimed that the wastage actually reached USD 0.59.

Respondents believed that local governments and state government waste a lower portion of the taxes collected, claiming suggesting that state governments waste USD 0.42 per dollar collected, while local governments waste only USD 0.37.

According to a statement issued by Gallup, the results of the new survey highlight that US taxpayers are currently “…not satisfied with the way things are going in the country, and approval of government bodies, such as Congress, continues to be close to all-time lows.