UK To Offer Tax Breaks For Health Programs

September 18, 2014 Uncategorized

tax break in UkLONDON – The UK needs to offer tax breaks to employers running eight-loss programs, or else the country will face an array of tax hikes.

While speaking at a conference in Coventry organized by the Public Health England, the chief executive of the National Health Service Simon Stevens announced that the NHS will soon propose that businesses which help their staff lose weight should be offered tax breaks.

Simon Stevens explained that the complete details of the new tax break will be included in an upcoming report to be published by the NHS with a five-year plan on how the UK should combat obesity.

He explained that the proposal will consist of financial incentives to employers to offer medical treatments to employees, along with health facilities, or even run health programs, such as group weight loss competitions or exercise programs.

Simon Steven conceded that any financial incentives for weight loss programs will reduce government revenues, but suggested that the subsequent increase in productivity will make up for the losses, and further added that if obesity is not reigned in now, the resulting increases to the cost of treatment will necessitate extra tax hikes.

It is estimated that one quarter of adults in the UK are now obese, costing the NHS between GBP 5 billion and GBP 9 billion per year for treating weight related illnesses.

Photo By: Your Mildura