Tourist to Pay Tax to Use Autobahn

July 9, 2014 Taxation in Germany

Tax on AutobahnBERLIN – Tourists coming to Germany may soon have to pay a new tax to drive on the national Autobahn.

On June 8th the minister of Infrastructure of Germany Alexander Dobrindt announced that by the end of the current year the taxes applicable for road use will be raised, significantly hiking the cost for using a overseas registered car on the national Autobahn system.

Following the change, drivers using an overseas registered car will need to pay EUR 10 to receive a ten-day pass to use the national highway system.

Foreigners needing a longer pass will be able to pay EUR 20 for a two months pass, or approximately EUR 100 for a yearly pass, although the exact amount will vary based on the size and power of the particular car.

The road tax for cars registered in Germany will also be hiked, although the increase will be compensated by a corresponding drop in the vehicle tax.

The proposal is already facing significant controversy both in Germany and in neighboring countries, although the government has already responded that the extra tax revenues which could be raised from the new tax would help rebuild some of the road systems around the country.

Photo By: Dirk Vorderstraße