UK Needs Tax on Sugary Drinks

June 23, 2014 Taxation in UK

Soda TaxLONDON- The UK may need to implement a tax on sugar sweetened beverages, in order to improve the health of children in the country.

Over the weekend the UK based non-government organization Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) released a new report outlining a proposed plan to combat the occurrence of childhood obesity in the UK, specifically recommending that the government implements a tax on beverages sweetened with sugar.

According to the experts of the group, if food and beverage manufacturers in the country do not willingly take steps to help improve the nation’s diet, then it will be up to the government to intervene by introducing a tax on sugary beverages, and, potentially, other calorie dense products.

In the newly published report, CASH indicated that the government should now begin looking into the potential implementation of such tax measures, in order to be ready to implement them when required.

The group also conceded that a tax on sugary drinks may be particularly regressive, hitting low income individuals the hardest, but they added that the relatively small amount of tax is far less regressive than the health risks posed by sugary drinks.

It is estimated that the average life expectancy of a low income individual in the UK is up to 15 years shorter than average, primarily due to poor diets, and it is believed that improving the diets of children will lead to much lower incidences of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in the future.

By: dcJohn